All About Mom

I’d like to pay tribute to the life of a woman I was proud to call mom.

Early years

Mom went through many challenges in her early years including losing her own mother at the tender age of 5. Despite this – she was a fantastic mother. As children, she bent over backwards for my sister and I – we were her number one priority.

As our mom

Throughout our school days, she was always ready to jump in and help out with the many school commitments and activities we participated in. Her station wagon was either full of netball girls on their way to a match, or it doubled as a changing room between school and dance classes.

It didn’t matter to her whether we were first in class or not, but she knew it was important to us – and therefore she supported us year after year – even though tensions always hit an all-time high in our household close to awards evenings.

Mom was a master multi-tasker. For most of her life she worked, did school runs, helped with homework, cleaned the house and served healthy suppers every night. No plate was complete without both a green and a yellow vegetable. She never went to bed until all our clothes were put out for the next day (and that included her’s and our dad’s.) She was a martyr.

Sewing was something she loved, especially when she could make doll’s clothes and dress-up costumes. She even cut up HER wedding dress to make BARBIE doll wedding dresses for us. She was more impulsive than she was sentimental.

As a woman

One thing that she was always complimented on was her youthful looking skin. Skin care was a priority in her life. She was the first to pick us out when we didn’t moisturise enough. Going to bed with make-up on was a definite no-no.

During her first encounter with cancer at 50, she made chemotherapy and radiation look like a walk in the park. She never complained and she often returned to work straight after her Friday chemotherapy sessions. She saved her nausea for weekends so that she was ready to work again on Monday.

Later years

Not long after losing our dad to cancer – her emptiness was filled as she was blessed with becoming a grandmother. She embraced her role as “Nanna” and the once feisty mother became the pushover grandparent. Suddenly a clean house was not so important anymore and jumping on beds was now allowed.

Her grandchildren became everything to her and they were her reason for fighting her cancer when it returned. She was determined to stay alive as she wanted to watch them grow up. Sadly, this time, the disease outweighed her determination.

She had completed her journey here with us.


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